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How We Help

Food parcels


Each week our volunteers regularly give their time freely to check and sort donated food, collect items from local stores, make up the food parcels and deliver them to individuals and families who are in crisis. We also provide toiletries and personal care items.


All the people who receive food parcels are referred by local agencies for our support. Get in touch with a referring agency here for help in the first instance.


Every year the number of food parcels distributed increases; in 2020 and 2021 the figure was over 7,600, an increase on the 6,000+ in 2019. 


Some of the people in crisis whom we support with food parcels need our help for many weeks until their benefits, wages, or health are restored.


Furniture and household items

Sometimes people have nothing and FIND regularly steps in to help individuals and families with no money for even the most basic personal and household items they need.


FIND has a furniture store and every week our volunteers will pick up items from our store and deliver them to individuals or families in need.


To continue to offer this service we need donations of furniture and other household items which are in good order – or we welcome cash donations.


For example:

  • Children’s shoes and school clothing

  • Cookers and kitchen equipment e.g. saucepans, cutlery and crockery.

  • Beds, mattresses, sheets and blankets or duvets

  • Living room and bedroom furniture – tables, chairs, wardrobes, drawers etc.

  • Whitegoods such as fridges and washing machines

  • Curtains and blinds


support for rough sleepers

There are many ways in which FIND helps rough sleepers. We provide footwear, clothing, warm coats, and sleeping bags, pay for prescriptions, help with travel and with food parcels.


We also have a small fund that enables us to help in paying for emergency accommodation for rough sleepers. 


To continue this service we need donations of items in good condition - warm clothing, strong footwear, coats, sleeping bags – or we welcome cash donations.


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