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Working together with RRT

In December 2021 FIND collaborated with tIhe Ipswich branch of the Rapid Relief Team (RRT) to provide 500 family food boxes. A lot of work went into the boxes, which contained nutritious and core essentials for a family of three or four people for several days.

Maureen Reynel MBE, who runs FIND food bank, said: "The kindness and caring of many people who put others first is really apparent. This is going to make so much difference to what we can hand out both before, during and after Christmas."

Read more in the Ipswich Star.

RRT is a global organisation with branches locally working to deliver hope and relief in emergency situations. Read more about RRT

FIND will soon be gearing up for Christmas 2022, which for many people will be even more difficult this year with the increasing costs of food and fuel.


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